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Ending Poverty in Los Angeles

Throughout his career as a public servant, Councilmember Alarcón has worked to expand opportunity for all Californians. As a State Senator, he spearheaded the creation of and Chaired the Select Committee to Develop a Master Plan to End Poverty in California, where he worked with over 100 organizations to compile policy recommendations on how to reduce poverty and traveled throughout the state to learn first hand about the challenges facing our working poor.

In Spring 2007, Councilmember Alarcón introduced a motion to create an Ad Hoc Committee on Ending Poverty in Los Angeles which the City Council unanimously approved. In collaboration with local agencies, businesses and non-profit groups aimed at ending poverty, as well as the Assembly Select Committee to Develop a Master Plan to End Poverty in California, the Ad Hoc Committee is tasked with establishing best practices, bringing groups together to share resources, ensuring efficiency in city programs and ultimately creating a Master Plan to End Poverty in Los Angeles. The Plan will include recommendations, a timeline, and priorities.

Since its creation, the Ad Hoc Committee has successfully spearheaded critical initiatives including creating a Micro/Small Business Lending Program in Los Angeles, a Unified Electronic pre-qualification system for services to low-income individuals, analyzing and recommending Education and Job Training reforms, requesting that Financial Literacy be a part of the school and library system, and securing a written commitment from President Barack Obama to update the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

The preliminary draft outline of the Master Plan includes eight chapters examining:

  • Community & Economic Development
  • Housing, Sustainability & Infrastructure
  • Education & Job Training
  • Equality, Justice & Civic Participation
  • Health, Hunger & Human Services
  • Transportation Accessibility
  • Labor & Industrial Relations
  • Public Safety & Criminal Justice

A primary goal of Councilmember Alarcón is that the plan reflects the concerns and recommendations of our community.

Thank you for your participation in this community document

What issues do you feel are important to discuss in the Master Plan to End Poverty in Los Angeles? Please provide your comments and opinions below.

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